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Seminar highlights challenges for recruiters

Anderson Group recently brought together a group of top Scottish recruiters to discuss the impact of recent legislative changes. The latest in a series of Anderson events aimed at key industry decision-makers, the lively seminar covered two main topics: the new reporting demands under Onshore Intermediaries Legislation, plus the latest announcements targeting the expenses of temporary workers.

Anderson’s experts covered every aspect of the new reporting demands during the event, including timelines, processes and the penalties for non-compliance. Many attendees were in agreement that multiple challenges lay ahead, including the short timescales in which to comply (caused by delayed HMRC guidelines), sourcing supply chain data and data security, plus general confusion over completing the complex matrix report itself.

There was also widespread concern over the recent disruptive proposal from HMRC, targeting Travel and Subsistence expenses of umbrella workers. Which, it was revealed in the Budget, looks set to have even deeper implications than first outlined, particularly as HMRC has now stated its intent to include PSCs in its forthcoming legislation.

Another area of discussion was HMRC’s latest insight as to how it sees the future of allowable expenses for temporary workers overall – which could, if left unchallenged, dramatically affect the way in which temporary workers are supplied to industry. The event concluded with all attendees in agreement that the oncoming full consultation period over expenses will be one of ‘wait and see’ and yet more uncertainty for the industry.

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