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Save money with Infrastructure Enhancement

Post Brexit economic uncertainty, introduction of the National Living Wage and ever increasing legislative burdens are just some of the many challenges facing recruitment agencies, squeezing their margins, distracting them from core tasks and deterring them from growing their business and their profits.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or, as Anderson Group define it, Infrastructure Enhancement (IE), is the most practical and cost effective way to grow your recruitment business rapidly. Once where only large agencies could afford IE to ensure resilience in uncertain market conditions, with Anderson’s approach to IE, so too can smaller firms, enabling them to compete with their industry peers. Whether you’re an SME or a large corporate, IE can make all the difference to your growth and your bottom line, at a cost that’s far less than you’d pay to bring in the extra support yourself, and at a pace that most businesses would find impossible to match.

In the time you’ve found new offices, relocated existing staff, recruited new staff and implemented the additional infrastructure required, IE could have had your business up and running in half that time, leaving you free to focus on the tasks that generate profits.

The flexibility of outsourcing followed by ‘insourcing’ is IE’s biggest draw. With the quick addition of staff and immediate access to technology to exactly suit what your business requires to grow, followed by the option to bring processes, personnel and technology back in house when the time is right, sets IE apart from traditional BPO solutions.

A further clear advantage of IE is the ability to rapidly access specialist advice in areas where you may not have sufficient knowledge in house. This is particularly pertinent in recruitment, where constantly changing employment law and tax legislation can easily trip up the inexperienced and land your business with a hefty fine, or worse, if you get it wrong. Where time is limited and it’s simply not practical for you and your staff to spend hours learning new skills, regulations and information, an outsourced expert could be the answer and all for less than what you would pay to recruit someone on a full time salary.

With tighter margins and an ever-changing business landscape, it’s no wonder so many companies are now turning to outsourcing as the best way forward for their business.

So why isn’t everybody doing it? Our research shows that the two reasons most companies cite for not outsourcing are ’loss of control’ and ‘lack of trust’.

These are perfectly understandable concerns, but they are concerns that Anderson Group are happy to meet and match head on both by evidencing our own experiences and by referencing what we have achieved for others. We’re not just talking the talk here. We’ve done this ourselves for our business, making it work to expand and grow in ways we couldn’t possibly have achieved without Business Process Outsourcing. The flexibility and cost savings enabled us to make bold decisions about the future of our business as early as possible and, when we were ready, we took back some of the processes that we had outsourced acquiring skills, resource, technology and infrastructure we would otherwise have never had. That showed us the value of IE and what it can deliver for any business.

We now boast an impressive track record of helping businesses reduce their costs and grow exponentially, whilst providing the access and visibility to give greater control to our clients than they had before and the management expertise to guarantee results.

We offer a wide range of support services and a global infrastructure of highly trained staff all of which are available 24/7 as required. We also offer all the flexibility you could want, with long term contracts available or short term project work to get you over a busy period.

With IE, we could take on many of the tasks involved in recruitment, leaving you free to find the ideal candidates for your clients. We offer CV verification, candidate screening, call centre services, timesheet processing, payroll processing, invoicing, credit control, accountancy services, and much more, allowing you to focus on what you do best – making your business profitable.

With ever more demanding market expectations, this is the perfect way to wow your clients and over-deliver, while keeping costs to a minimum. And remember with IE you always have the option to take back in house what you’ve outsourced as soon as you are ready.

Why wait to expand when IE means you are ready to grow now? Talk to our friendly team on 0333 8000 800.

This article featured in the December 2016 issue of Recruiter Magazine.


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