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Outsourcing myths set straight

Some recruitment agencies are being hampered by traditional misconceptions surrounding outsourcing, which stops them from taking advantage of a well proven route to maximising their full business potential. Today, with many new services being designed specifically for the recruitment sector, it’s time to set the record straight.

The first one is often size, with some recruiters under the impression they’re not large enough to gain value from outsourcing. However, this is not the case, with services now available for the smaller recruitment business, including start-ups. Flexible approaches mean you can start as small as you like – test the water so to speak – and begin by outsourcing what you feel comfortable with and expand in line with your business goals.

Another common misunderstanding is that business owners might lose control of part of their business. The reality is that companies like Anderson Group are delivering outsourcing services tailored to individual needs, with services seamlessly integrated with your business and blended with existing processes.

So it’s not about relinquishing or losing control of your business, but making use of expert facilities which make certain tasks faster, more accurate and cheaper than performing them yourself. From offering you the perfect mix of people and infrastructure that you need, to taking on the full responsibility of a complete business function, we always ensure you’re happy with your level of control and responsibility. And when you start to expand and possibly think about selling your business, functions can just as easily be taken back in-house, a process which Anderson can assist you with.

So take a fresh look at your business challenges and identify what’s holding you back, as today’s outsourcers will no doubt have a service that can help your business grow.

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