For just £7.50 per week, Plus is the UK's most cost effective Umbrella.

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Security and simplicity

Contracting does not always offer job security, but by using Plus you will be employed by Anderson on an overarching contract (OAC) of employment, which provides you with continuity of work through various assignments as well as full employment rights.

We will arrange all your future contracts with either agencies or end clients; we will handle the invoicing for your time worked and ensure that you get paid quickly and efficiently. Our sophisticated payroll system ensures you remain compliant and pay no more tax than you need to.

What’s in it for you?

  • Extremely low cost at £7.50 per week
  • Hassle free, enabling you to concentrate on work; we handle all compliance issues
  • Optimum take-home pay
  • Full employment rights
  • Protected by our combined Employer’s and Public Liability insurance
  • As our employee, we cover your Professional Indemnity obligations to your agency


Why Choose Us?

We at the Anderson Group work with thousands of contractors each week and hundreds of UK employment agencies so it’s fair to say we’re established and know our stuff. We’re one of the few companies providing support for the full range of contracting and employment solutions. We offer expert advice on changes within the industry, on legislative impacts and on best practice.

Our experiences, capabilities and scale mean we can deliver best value to both agencies and contractors across multiple trades and industries. We are proud of our reputation and strive to be a leading voice for the rights of contractors and recruitment agencies.

Find out more by emailing us at:

Or call us on:

0333 8000 800

Find out more by emailing us at:

Or call us on:

0333 8000 800