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Simply the best compliant ‘one-stop shop’ PSC solution for agencies

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When we developed Choice, we created a flexible commercial sub-contracting solution rivalling some of the best in the UK. It enabled contractors affected by complex legislation to continue to supply their professional services through their own limited company (PSC) while simplifying their pay and bill obligations. It has proved a highly successful model for both PSCs and agencies and remains the best possible arrangement for all concerned to ensure compliancy.

As principal contractor, Anderson Choice subcontracts to PSCs. We assume supply responsibility for the individual contractors that the PSC supplies to the agency, and we engage the contractors’ PSC directly for the supply of its worker(s). Your agency will receive a single invoice for all contractors supplied under this arrangement and we take responsibility to ensure that all contractors supplied under this arrangement are fully compliant and operate within HMRC guidelines. The contractor is not obligated to accept the contracts we propose and can even send a suitably qualified substitute for any assignment we offer.

What’s in it for you?

  • Anderson Choice ensures that all its PSC contractors supplied are properly structured and fully compliant with current legislation
  • With only a single payment to one supplier your administration is significantly reduced, there’s less hassle and efficiency is greatly increased
  • There’s just a single point of contact for you
  • PSCs are provided with a simple self-billing system and we remit their invoices so that funds are cleared on a Friday
  • Work-related expenses like mobile phone contracts, work clothing and training courses are all offset against the contractor’s tax liabilities
  • All PCS’s supplied are fully insured (EL,PL and PI) while accountancy service are provided by an ICAEW member firm, including SATR, registration for VAT, monthly RTI submissions, quarterly VAT returns and all year end annual accounts requirements

Why Choose Us?

Founded by employment and accountancy experts over a decade ago, The Anderson Group has successfully provided back and front office support to hundreds of agencies, improving their agility, reducing their operational costs and accelerating their business growth and innovation. We have a strong reputation in the recruitment sector for championing the rights of both agencies and contractors so fully understand the issues facing the industry.

We work with thousands of contractors each week and hundreds of agencies across the country, so it’s fair to say we know our stuff. We are one of the few companies to offer support for the full range of contracting and employment solutions – from PAYE employment to support through our ‘High Street’ accountancy division.

Our customers range from smaller employment agencies, looking to improve margins and work more profitably through tax efficient solutions for contractors, to larger recruiters wanting to replace multiple incumbent suppliers with one proven supplier, who can streamline costs, efficiencies and meet future requirements.

Our highly trained and skilled teams in the UK, India and the Philippines enable us to offer wide ranging support, as you need it, and are available beyond 9-5 because we understand that’s how you operate: a real benefit for firms operating tight SLAs, for example.

Find out more by emailing us at:

Or call us on:

0333 8000 800

Find out more by emailing us at:

Or call us on:

0333 8000 800